Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Paper #2 and Project #3

Paper #2 got submitted today! Let's hope that the reviewer (yes, singular for this journal) doesn't have too many issues with it and it gets accepted easily.

I had my advisory committee meeting today and it went fairly well. They seemed pleased that two of my projects are complete, written up and submitted. We then had a long conversation about the dreaded project #3 - the one with the craptacular data.

After some back-and-forth about 1) whether or not it should even be in the thesis (yes, it should) and 2) if there is anything else we can do with the data (nope), we came to a nice solution: I'm going to use it as a feasibility study - to test whether we could observe certain objects with the new instrument we bought and with the local telescope. I can use the data from the other telescope to compare results.

The plan is to use this as my first chapter after all the introduction stuff in my thesis, conclude that the project was not feasible, and then explain that's why the other two projects were done.

Of course, this is all assuming that the results I get out of the analysis aren't great. If they are okay, then I'll just write it up like the other two projects.

I like this plan because it means even if the results aren't great from project #3, I can still put it in my thesis and feel confident defending it.