Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Haul

For the last 2-3 summers I have taken a completely different take on shopping for clothes: instead of buying a few great, but expensive, pieces (as I do in the winter), I go to my local Superstore and buy a ton of clothes from Joe Fresh.

One big reason why I do this is because summer clothes don't seem to stand up to wear and tear. So, by the end of the season I practically have to throw them out. Plus, it basically allows me buy a whole new wardrobe every year - and that's just tons of fun.

So, I went to Joe today and spent $220. This is my haul (sorry for the crappy picture quality. DH took my camera with him this week.):

Fig. 1: Summer clothes for 2009.

That's four dressier tops, three T-shirts, a pair of jeans, a pair of shorts, two pairs of shoes, three frilly pairs of undies and two night gowns to wear around the house. Where I usually shop for winter clothes, I would have bought two pairs of pants for that much.

I still want to get a skirt or two, a nice sun hat, and a couple of light scarves, but I'm basically done.

I love Joe!!