Friday, April 17, 2009

DH goes to Hawaii

DH left early this morning (so early, I told him to take a cab!) to go to Hawaii for a conference. Is it sad that I miss him already?

We've been looking at this conference as sort of the beginning-of-the-end of our time here. He will try to make some industry contacts while there, and will start looking for jobs once he returns.

So, with him gone I have the place to myself for over a week. What to do? I will definitely go clothes/shoe shopping, because it's much easier without DH in tow! I desperately need new sandals and some summer pants/tops, especially now that it's finally getting warm!

I also plan to get a lot of reading done and catch up on girlie movies - any suggestions?

Sadly, I will also be working a lot because I want to redo this analysis as quickly as I can. I'm about 40% done, so I hope I can finish up early next week. Then I can try another analysis technique and start doing some serious thesis writing. I also need to create a presentation for my astronomy outreach program (next week is the last week for the semester...and forever for me!).

For those of you with a live-in SO/kids/etc. what do you do when you suddenly have the place to yourself?