Tuesday, March 24, 2009


1. I get to work yesterday to find a frantic email from the national coordinator of the science outreach program I run. Last week, I sent out 10 volunteers to act as science fair judges to a local school. Apparently, one of the parents felt so strongly that their child should have won first prize that, when they didn't, they sent scathing emails to both the principal of the school and the national coordinator of my program!!

After tracking down which volunteer judged this kid's project, we find out that the project, although cool, barely used any of the scientific method. In fact, all the kid did was show the apparatus and explained how it was used. There was no experiment of any kind; no methods, analysis, results or conclusions. Nothing. Of course, most of the criteria on the judging form had to do with said method, so the kid did not do to well.

So, I talked to the national coordinator, and we had a good laugh over it all. I feel bad for her because she now has to deal with the crazy parent. Wow.

2. Keeping with the same program - I have to hire my replacement in 3 weeks! I was planning on doing that in May, but the national coordinator wants me to do it in April for various reasons. Gah! The person won't actually start until August 1st (officially), but I'll need to train them before then.

3. Still with the same program - one event we're putting on this year has absolutely exploded! The last time we held it, we had 9 teams participate, and now we have 45!!! I'm so excited, especially since last year we had to cancel it. The best part are the two volunteers (one of whom is now my co-coordinator) who are running the whole thing - they are amazing!!

4. My supervisor wants me to put these little downward arrows on all my data points that are upper limits in my figures. Do you know how long it took me to make those figures the first time? Do you know how long it's going to take me to re-do them and add these silly arrows?

5. Something that has been in my life since I moved here is now gone; and it's a great thing. It's funny though, because it hasn't fully hit me, and sometimes I still think it's around.

6. Shh - I think I know what I want to do after I finish! Or, at least I've narrowed it down, and I'm very excited about it! I'll post more later :)

7. How is it the end of March already? Do you realize that in just over four months I'll be submitting my thesis and going to South America?! It's a good thing that my thesis work is on schedule. However, we haven't done anything to prepare for our trip, and it's just dawning on me now. We are going to a talk next Monday by a woman who has traveled there three times. We're hoping that will get our butts in gear.

8. Our soccer team won our first playoff game on Sunday!! Okay, the other team didn't show up, but whatever. It's still a win; and we still got to play a nice pick-up game. So, we play again on Wednesday (for those of you keeping score, that means I play soccer twice and go to the gym three times this week. I might just die).

9. The driving range opened this weekend!!!!

10. If you haven't seen the movie Man on a Wire, do it. It's really cool.