Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Possible Career Paths II

In the last post I listed several career paths I could take that are in physics/astronomy that I could follow with my current qualifications. Here are some other career paths that interest me, but may require additional education and/or a complete change:

1. Interior designer. First, to clarify, I don't mean interior decorator (i.e., painting walls, furniture, curtains, accessories, etc.) - I mean the actual architecture and design of building/house interiors. This has been my dream job for as long as I can remember. In fact, I was accepted to a program in Chicago at the same time as I was applying to my masters program. I told myself I'd do my masters if I got in, and I did, so here I am. I don't regret the path I took, but it would be amazing to see the other side of the coin. Doing this would require at least another 4-year degree.

2. K-12 science teacher. I love teaching, but in order to do it in primary or secondary school, I would need to get a teaching certificate. That would be another 1-2 years.

3. Accounting. I know this sounds boring to most people, but it totally fascinates me. I love working with numbers, especially if it's something that's challenging BUT doable (unlike much of physics). This is also something I could do out of the home, which is a nice benefit. To do this, I'd have to become a certified accountant, which would take 2-3 years(ish).

4. Personal organizer. Seriously. I would love to help people organize their lives, be it their messy closets, offices, or their lives in general. It's also another option to do out of the home. This wouldn't necessarily require more education, but it would be difficult to start my own business with little (relevant) experience.

5. Event planner. This is similar to #4, but obviously I would concentrate more on events like birthday bashes, weddings, fundraisers, and other large events. Again, I probably wouldn't need more education, but starting a business would be difficult. Another "out of the home" option.

And, of course, another option that really doesn't fall into any category would be a stay at home Mom :) I would absolutely love to stay at home and raise our children - at least until they are old enough to be in school. We will seriously consider this, but it will depend on where we move, what the cost of living is like, and what other job options there are for me.

So, I do have a lot of options. They may not be your typical academic choices, but that's the beauty of all of them! When I look at this list, and the one from my last post, it excites me! I want to do them all at some point, and maybe I will. I'm very much one of those people that would like to have many different jobs in my lifetime, and have as many different experiences as I can.

In the end, I think I will attack my job search differently than most people. Instead of focusing on what position I'd like (i.e., post-doc, instructor, or whatever) I'll be focusing on finding something that meets my wants and needs. This way, I won't pigeon-hole myself into accepting a certain type of job just because that's the only criterion I have. I believe doing it this way will give me a better chance of finding a career path that I truly love. It will be an exciting time!