Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More on the Plate?

I just received an email today advertising a graduate course called The Theory and Practice of University Teaching. The outline is very much as the title may suggest: to familiarize students with background research and theory relevant to university teaching, and to provide the opportunity for practice and feedback on basic teaching skills.

This class sounds incredibly interesting to me, especially since one of my top career choices would be to teach at a university or college. I've wanted to take this class in the past, but it's only offered once a year and I just never got around to taking it.

The problem (?) is that it's a two month course (April and May) and sounds as though it will be very intensive. The class meets twice a week for two hours (in some cases four hours), plus there are online discussions, a ton of reading (they say 40 pages per class), assignments and a final exam. Marks are assigned as fail/pass/pass with distinction. The course would be included on transcripts, but it doesn't affect the GPA.

I think this class would be great experience for me, especially if I end up applying to instructor positions. But, I'm trying to finish my PhD! Do I have the time and motivation to add even more to my plate?