Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weekly PDRP

It's time for some ubber-positiveness!!!

1. I finished the first draft of my second paper and gave it to my supervisor on Friday!!

2. I started working on my thesis intro and got the historical overview chunk done!!

3. We just had a long weekend (hence why this post is later than usual)!!!!

4. DH got word from his boss that he can take time off in August to go to South America!!! We are going to narrow down our choices this week and book soon!!

5. It's reading week ---- no undergrads!!!!!!!!!! WOOOHHOOOO!!!!!

6. I finally started standing up for myself, and did a couple things this week that I normally wouldn't do - and mostly without guilt! (okay, still need to work on that)

7. I won a competition in my spinning class on Saturday (who could ride the longest while increasing the bike's tension every 30 seconds)!!!

8. I got my hair cut and re-colored --- feels soooo much better!!