Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekly PDRP

Last week was absolutely incredible!

1. At the conference I went to on the weekend I met a great lady - she has IBS, like me, and told me about this medication she was on for it and how it has changed her life. I went to the Dr. and he said I could definitely try it out (it's very mild) and I've been feeling better!

2. DH and I have been talking more and we will probably move earlier than expected - more like the Fall instead of next January/February.

3. This means "trying" earlier :D

4. I've been doing more research about a conference in Rio in August, and my supervisor is keen on me going. The plan is that DH will come with me and afterward we're going to do a two week tour in Peru!!

5. There was a freakin' amazing sale at a local optical store, and I ordered 2 new pairs of glasses. I'm so excited to get them :D

6. Pittsburgh won the Super Bowl! WOHOO!

7. I finished yet another book and am on to my 4th one of the year!!