Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's On!

Instead of my weekly Puppy Dogs and Roses Post, I'm going to brag about this instead:

We booked our trip to South America!! Aside from the fact that we just dropped a ton of cash on flights, tours and a hotel, we're pretty excited! Here's the plan:

We fly from Canada to Brazil and stay in Rio for a week. I'll be attending the International Astronomy Union conference, while DH bums around. Of course, I'll have time before, after, and hopefully during the conference, to join him.

We then fly to Lima and go on a two week tour of Peru! We get to see the Amazon rainforest, do a 4-day hike of the Inca Trail, see Machu Picchu, tour Cuzco and Puno, and boat around Lake Titicaca!!

We decided to do a tour for a few reasons. The big one is, even though we've both traveled a fair bit, it's only been in North America and Europe. Neither of us have been anywhere that would be a huge culture shock or anything. So, it'll be nice to be with a group of like-minded (traveled) people.

The second one is we're both really big planners. So, it's nice that things are pretty much planned for us ahead a time, and we won't have to worry about having to find places to stay or figuring out what to do. We think it'll let us have a much better time, since we can focus more on the traveling and not so much on the logistics.

We have all the big stuff booked (flights, Peru tour, hotel in Rio), so now we can start focusing on the smaller stuff: vaccinations, travel visas, what we need to buy, getting into better shape, research on the culture/language, etc..

Plus, this gives me a firm (absolute latest) deadline of when I want to have my thesis submitted. So, it's a good way to celebrate finishing the writing, and will give me something to do while waiting around for the defense!

In other news, I took DH out for his birthday last night. We went to the restaurant where he proposed - we haven't been there since! It was awesome as always. I also bought him a racing game for the Wii (not Mario Kart though, we can't find it anywhere!) and two steering wheel controllers - he seems to enjoy it :)