Friday, February 27, 2009

Calming Down

So, I read that paper that I posted about yesterday - and it doesn't make my thesis look like total garbage. They didn't do a search for the object, so that means my mondo 11,000 object survey, where I derived upper limits, is still fine.

However, they did take spectroscopic observations of the comet and, even though it showed a distinct tail, they didn't see any emission lines. This is worrisome for my (already not great) 3rd project, since the whole basis of it was to try to find emission lines (i.e., if object with obvious cometary activity doesn't show emission lines, then objects that don't show any activity probably won't either). Oh well. I pretty much knew that project was a bust by this point anyway - but I still have to do the work and put it in my thesis.

As for paper #2, for those keeping track my goal was to have it submitted by March 1st. Since that's Sunday, and I just received comments back from my supervisor this week, that's not going to happen.

All is not lost, however - I've been working on my 3rd project and my thesis in the meantime. So, that will bring down the work load for later on. Plus, I scheduled 2 months for the reduction of the data from the 3rd project, and I doubt it will take even half of that time.

So, I hope to submit paper #2 by the end of March, pending any major changes. I'm right on track to hand in my thesis in July.