Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcoming in 2009

Happy New Year!!!

I had a look at my resolutions for 2008, and realized that I didn’t do too well on them. It makes me wonder why we do it every year? I guess a new year gives us new hope that we can bring excitement into our lives – like we get to wipe the slate clean and start all over again.

I did really well with two resolutions. The first was to read a book a month, and I read 13 in 2008! I also did well with ‘taking care of home’ – we cooked a lot more, and I experimented with baking and other new recipes. We also took a lot of time to go through our closets, cupboards and storage rooms and purged a lot of unnecessary junk. It’s funny how good it feels to have a clean, organized space!

I did okay with three others: getting married with little stress (it was more stressful than I thought, but I think I did better than a lot of people!), drive more responsibly (if you know me, you know what this means, and I’m much better – except for my road rage! Thanks Dad!), and take work more seriously (I didn’t have to do much for this – having a PhD thesis looming generally accomplishes this task on its own!).

Those I didn’t do well on: get to the gym 3 times a week (I did well from March-September but not the whole year) and get out/socialize more (I think I was more of a hermit this year than ever!).

My resolutions for 2009 will have a bit more meaning for me since I 'll also be turning the big 3-0. A big milestone like that makes me want to make some changes (for the good!). So, here they are:

1. Find a hobby to do at home instead of watching TV or surfing the net (any ideas?)
2. Forget the gym – I just want to be more active in general! More walking, more outdoors, or even just using the Wii instead of sitting on the couch!
3. Keep reading – we’ll keep it at a book a month again for this year.
4. Learn how to handle confrontations better and without guilt.
5. Research possible career options for when we move.
6. Journal more – I used to do this a lot, but haven’t been keeping up with it the last year.
7. Try not to take things so personally.
8. Work on my confidence and self-esteem – I’ll be 30, damnit, I’m tired of looking down on myself!
9. Finish and defend my PhD.
10. Travel to Chicago.

Okay, the last two aren’t really resolutions, but at least I’ll be able to check off two things on January 1st, 2010 ;)