Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekly (P)uppy (D)ogs and (R)oses (P)ost

I noticed that a lot of my posts are somewhat negative in tone. So, to offset this, I have decided to do a weekly PDRP (Puppy Dogs & Roses Post), where I talk about the good things that happened that week - or at least put a positive spin on things.

I'm hoping this exercise will let me begin each new week with a positive mind-set or, at the very least, give my therapist some more material to work with (oops - was that negative? I can't even tell anymore).

So, here we go (beware: many exclamation points to follow)!

1. I resubmitted my paper this week and think it's substantially improved, thanks to the helpful comments from reviewer #1!!!

2. Even though someone criticized my outreach skilz, and it made me question my abilities, I know that I'm really good at what I do! So, boo to you, Critical Astronomy Club Man!!

3. DH and I talked today and there's a possibility we might move earlier than we thought!!!

4. We went to the Wine & Food Show last night and had great wine, food and hung out with some pretty cool people!!

5. The Calgary Flames, my favorite hockey team, are kicking ass in their division!!!

6. It's Sunday: that means FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!