Friday, January 30, 2009

2nd Paper

I've started working on my second paper this week. My goal is to have it in a submittable form by the end of February, and I definitely think that's doable.

The problem is I'm having a harder time writing it compared with the last paper. One of the issues is the topic: although it is related to the other two projects I am doing, it is a bit removed from what I usually do. I haven't done a lot reading of the relevant literature, which means that writing the introduction is going to be a pain in the butt.

I also feel like I'm not as strong in the background science - it brings some chemistry in, which I never really use. So, when writing my methods sections, I'm not really sure what I should include or how in depth I should go. I can look at similar papers to see what they do, but it seems like everyone does things their own way.

I'm also really worried about having this project in my thesis, and then getting hammered on it during the defense! I fully admit that I don't know the subject area as in depth as the other two projects - and I know examiners can sniff out weakness from miles away.

Gah - I need to just concentrate on what I'm supposed to be doing NOW, and not about what will happen in six months.