Thursday, December 4, 2008

First Paper Submitted!!

As the title suggests, I have submitted my first paper of my PhD! I have to say, it’s pretty exciting, and I really enjoyed the writing process. It also means that one of my three projects is pretty much done!…

…but now I have to start on the next one. This scares me!! My goal is to have my thesis done and ready to hand to my examination committee on July 1st. That means that I should have pretty much everything done by the beginning of May so I can write up a draft of my thesis and go through a round or two of revisions with my supervisor. Do I have enough time? That’s only five months away!

I’m going to work on one project at a time, starting with the smaller one. I’m hoping to get the analysis done by the end of January so I can get a paper written and submitted by the end of February. That way I’ll have two papers, which means two chapters of my thesis, done.

That will give me March/April to do the analysis on the third, larger, project. We have decided that we won’t push to submit a paper on it before I defend. Instead, we’ll put it in paper form, and then after the defense I’ll work on it and submit.

Gah – even then that’s not a lot of time for the third project! Especially since I have to redo the reductions because the images were all erased in the summer :P A bonus is that it is similar to the data I’m dealing with for the smaller project, so I won’t have to start from square one, and the analysis is less involved. So, it shouldn’t take nearly as long (fingers crossed!).

At least, if things don’t go as planned, I have about six months to play with. DH’s contract for his post-doc is up February 2010, so we will be here until then for sure. That gives me extra time if I really need it, but I’m still going to aim to be done next summer because I just want this damn thing done! LOL I don’t want it to drag on anymore than it has too. Then, I can start really researching career options and be ready once I start looking for jobs when we know where we are going to move.

Alright – it sure sounds good in theory, doesn’t it?